Revolutionary rehabilitation device


patented standing up supporting system

Comfortable exercise

the corset and the seat are adjusted individually

Solid metal construction

provides safety during exercises

Base of diverse games

lets you have a good fun

Remote control

allows independent change of training programmes

Additional stabilization

adjustable height of the corset

Stable position

thanks to the base platform and knees' supporters


you can monitor your progress


iStander is an activation device with upright function for people with spinal cord injury. Scientific project financed by the National Center for Research and Development (POLAND).

iStander  device is a modern proposal to improve patients with neurological deficits, which consists of a stander with the function of supporting getting up as a medical device and rehabilitation games also registered as a medical device. iStander is a specially developed device with the function of adapting to the size and weight of the user and introducing virtual training in the form of games that complement iStander. 


Conclusions from the conducted research


  • iStander enables independent upright standing and rehabilitation.
  • iStander increases self-esteem and motivation to exercise.
  • iStander allows you to conduct an attractive and safe therapy for the patient in a controlled virtual environment.
  • iStander can be used at home.
  • iStander enables self-control during performing the exercises (biofeedback).
  • iStander enables remote control of ongoing training plans.
  • iStander can be successfully used by people of all age.
  • iStander thanks to the possibility of modification, it can be used in various disease entities.


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Technical specification

  1. Mobile base with platforms
  2. GymUp lifting mechanism
  3. Safe corset with the seat
  4. Levers
  5. Knees supporters
  6. Hand grip with GymUp lock releaser

iStander device includes gaming software - a perpetual license.


iStander user manual



Technical description

weight 50 kg
length max. 120 cm
width max. 80 cm
height max. 130 cm