Producent Pionizatorów dla Dzieci i Dorosłych

Equipment for physical rehabilitation and cognitive activation


A security platform with a multimedia system.

A device for upright standing and gait re-education.


Standers for children

A unique system to restore gait function, providing a full range of rehabilitation from the state lying on the bed to the state of independent movement with the help of a walker. Equipped with a unique lifting system from a trolley and Reha Gym system No equivalent on the market!


Our mission

All our standers are designed, set up and tested as custom made. In this way we ensure our clients, that they receive top quality standers which meets their needs and improve their quality of life. Our mission is to provide people with disabilities in innovative technologies for active rehabilitation carried out at home, tailored to the needs, depths of disfunction, housing conditions and financial possibilities. We would like to be recognized as the most innovative company in the market in the field of dynamic standers.