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Training programme

Enjoy your first 30-60 minute exercise session a day prepared by our physiotherapist.


Warming up

  • Perform 5 squats 5 times.
  • Relax for 3 slow breaths between each series.
  • Choose any 3 of the following and perform each exercise for 10 minutes, reaching an increasingly higher level in the game:
    • hazelnuts
    • butterfly
    • paths
    • boxing
    • sponge
    • football
    • machine
    • track


Using a wheelchair can be a consequence of an injury or a neurological damage. Neurological damages can affect a body and mind or a body only. If you want to work on your fitness, choose from a wide range of fitness- and agility-based games. If you would like to engage your brain further during exercises, choose logic and memory games.

We offer you two developed solutions included in the multimedia package:

  • train mind and body” if you are after: a stroke, a cranial-cerebral injury, a brain surgery, you have SM (or other demyelinating disease), MPD
  • train endurance” if you are after a spinal cord injury, we recommend the endurance training

Breathing exercises

After the training, run the “train breathing” programme to calm your breathing and your heart rate down.

By exercising, you will notice that some games draw more of your attention and are closer to your needs. The “run your plan” function will allow you to develop a training plan according to your preferences

If you have any doubts, advise your consultant or physiotherapist before you start exercising.



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