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iStander offers two types of training. You can practice using the functionality of the device and guarantee of safety which it provides. You can also use the full potential of the iStander system and use computer training programs tailored by the therapist.


The GymUp standing up support mechanism allows you to exercise the mobility of ankle, knee and hip joints by performing squats and half-squats. A special corset and seat ensure full safety during exercises to strengthen the back and abdominal muscles. The simultaneous combination of physical and mental exercises supports the processes of logical thinking and coordination. 


Using a wheelchair may be a consequence of accident or neurological damage. Neurological damage can be in the body and mind, or just in the body. Work on improving your condition with a wide range of fitness and conditioning workouts. Additionally, engage your brain with exercises in the form of logic and memory games.

If you are after:

  • stroke, craniocerebral trauma, brain surgery, multiple sclerosis MS (or other demyelinating disease), cerebral palsy - train your mind and body,
  • in case of spinal cord injury, we suggest endurance training


After training, it is important to calm your breathing and heart rate. Stay  in vertical position and wait till emotions fall down.

If in doubt, consult our consultant or physiotherapist before starting any exercises.



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