Stand up and exercise by yourself!

Tailor-made device!

We are in an EU-funded partnership consortium of innovative rehabilitation solutions including:

  • University Hospital in Geneva,
  • Schön Klinik Bad Aibling
  • Technological Universities of Munich and Copenhagen
  • Large companies: Philips, ArjoHuntleigh



I stand up and exercise independently!

iStander supports you while standing up unassisted at home. Regular standing is the key for your health and well-being.

Exercises in upright position are the best you can do for yourself to maintain your good condition. Our unique technology makes this possible and safe.


We will tailor our device for you

iStander is tested, safe and convenient:

  • Tailor-made for your individual abilities and needs.
  • A guarantee of comfort during exercises.
  • The device is mobile, and fits through 80-cm doorway.


Standing exercises

iStander lets you exercise not only your legs but the entire body

  • Exercising while standing strengthen your muscles and protect your bones.
  • By keeping your legs in good condition, you care for their mobility, and prevent from contractures.
  • Your breathing, circulation, digestion and excretion are improved.
  • You build your sense of balance.
  • By exercising your upper body parts, you activate your trunk.


Joy and pleasure!

You have fun with iStander:

  • An exciting range of games dedicated to rehabilitation.
  • By plenty of various mobility tasks you improve your condition as well as strength.
  • With the increasing efficiency, you complete higher levels of the game.
  • Choose from 20 different games.


Exercise more with your training plan!

When starting your adventure with iStander, use the training plan recommended, suggested by us.

  • The plan was developed by experienced physiotherapists.
  • Thanks to systematic exercises, you learn your needs and preferences.
  • By becoming an expert, you can build your own training programme.
  • Training programme gets you in multimedia sessions which you can easily and independently develop.


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