Multimedia rehabilitation device


patented exercises supporting system

Balance training

exercises in a patented safety corset

Solid metal construction

makes you safe during exercises

Exercises for getting up and sitting down

corset with seat prevents fall

The Kinect camera reads movements

registered body movements are displayed on a 50 inch TV screen

Exercises in any space

mobile, easy to set and store equipment


you can monitor your progress by extensive progress reporting system

Fascinating training programs

dozens of arrangements and over 100 configurations



  • Cardiopulmonary system: help your patients build strength and endurance, improve circulation, improve aerobic capacity, improve quality of life.
  • Fall prevention and balance: help your patients improve strength, mobility, and coordination. Additional benefits: reduction of pain, muscle re-education, improvement of quality of life, improvement of functions.
  • Neurological rehabilitation: helping stroke patients restore strength and mobility, improve circulation, reduce pain, improve the range of joint motion, improve quality of life and gain independence.
  • Orthopedic rehabilitation: helping patients after hip and knee replacement to reduce pain, increase muscle strength, improve joint mobility, return to an active lifestyle
  • Neurodegenerative diseases: regular physical and cognitive activation slows the progression of Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease.
  • Weakness and Sarcopenia Syndrome: In the elderly, it can be prevented by regular exercise and cognitive activation.


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  1. Mobile base with stable platform
  2. GymUp lifting mechanism
  3. Safe corset with the seat
  4. RehaGym levers
  5. Hand grip with GymUp lock releaser

Rehabilitation sytem activLife  includes gaming software with perpetual license

*user manual activLife


Technical description of the activLife Safety Platform

40 - 45 kg
length max. 120 cm
width max. 80 cm
height max. 120 cm